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What to Expect From Your Dream Wedding Planner

Your Dream Wedding Planner is a magazine for brides-to-be that features real weddings, styled inspiration, local vendors and tips. It’s the one-stop shop for everything you need to plan your big day!

Your Wedding Planner Will Get to Know Your Personality:

Your wedding planner is there to help you make your vision a reality. They will learn your likes and dislikes to ensure that the entire event is truly a reflection of you and your partner. This is what makes them a valuable part of your team!

This means that they will take into consideration Your Dream Wedding Planner in RI your personality, lifestyle and budget to create a unique and memorable wedding that fits you. They will work with you to establish a timeline and budget for your wedding and handle all of the behind-the-scenes details that will bring your dream to life!

They Will Manage Your Vendors:

Your Wedding Planner will use their industry connections to find you reputable and reliable vendors that align with your budget. They will also save you time and hassle by handling the back-and-forth communication between you and your vendors. This will leave you with more time to focus on planning the other important aspects of your wedding!

They Will Organize Your Guest List:

Once you have an idea of who you want to invite, your Wedding Planner will help you to refine that list and will ensure that your venue is large enough to accommodate all of your guests. They will also take into consideration any special requests you may have, such as whether you want to allow single friends to bring a +1 or whether you would like to add a few extra people in case some RSVP no. They will then provide you with a final list that is ready for your invitations to be sent out.

They Will Find Your Dream Venue:

Based on your wedding date, location and the size of your guest list, they will scout locations that are a good fit for you. This is a huge step because it’s the first time that you will really start to see your wedding come together! It is also the time to decide on whether you will have your ceremony at a different place than your reception and if so, how many venues will you be looking at?

They Will Help with the Travel for Your Out of Town Guests:

The final months leading up to your wedding will be the most exciting! This is the time to start purchasing the final pieces of your wedding, such as your wedding dress and groom’s suit, a flower crown for the girls, the rings, music and souvenirs. This is also when you will confirm the exact location and date of your wedding with all of the providers so that they can be sure to be available!

This is also the time to start thinking about high-touch moments, such as adding a photo booth or an interactive dessert table for your guests. Your Wedding Planner will be able to help you think of creative ways to add a special touch that your guests will love!

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