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Snagging Inspections For New Homes

If you are buying a new build property then a snagging inspection is a must. It will highlight any problems and faults that you will want the housebuilder to address before you move in. This can save you a lot of time and money down the line as you will not have to deal with these issues once you have moved in. Alternatively, you can use a commercial building inspection to get a refund from the housebuilder, depending on the nature of the problem.

What is a snag?

A snag is an outstanding default within your new home. These typically relate to elements that are damaged, broken or ill-fitted – like scratched windows and missing door hinges – and can include more serious faults such as cavities not filled, kitchen fixtures not fitted properly and leaky guttering. Snags can be costly as they can often result in delays and additional work being needed later on. A professional snagging survey will help you to identify these problems and highlight them for your housebuilder so they can be rectified.

The ideal time to carry out a snagging survey is before you exchange contracts, when the property will still be owned by the developer and they will have more incentive to fix any problems prior to completion. However, this is not always possible as housebuilders may refuse access to the property until it is finished and they legally own the land. However, many developers will work with snagging companies to grant access so that defects can be sorted out before you move in.

Once you move in to your new home, you will have 2 years to liaise with the housebuilder to have any remaining snags and defects fixed. However, this can be a stressful and frustrating process as it can be difficult to identify all of the problems and get them resolved. A snagging inspection conducted by a qualified inspector can help to reduce this stress and frustration. Our team of snagging experts will thoroughly inspect your new home and produce a comprehensive snag list detailing all of the faults that we find, so that you can raise them with your housebuilder.

In addition to snagging, our inspectors can also provide a detailed pre-completion electrical and gas safety check which is essential for all new builds in order to comply with regulations. We will report on any unsafe installations and provide recommendations for the safe operation of your electrics, plumbing and gas system. This report will be included in the overall cost of your snagging inspection. Our snagging fees start at PS285 for a studio apartment and are inclusive of VAT. A 5% discount is available for bookings made in advance of the inspection date and payment can be paid via cash or by credit card. Please note that there is a 3.5% surcharge for payments made via credit card to cover transaction expenses. Please see our terms and conditions for further information.

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