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Benefits of Playground Markings

Playground Markings are becoming increasingly popular in school playgrounds, transforming the plain asphalt or concrete area into a bright and fun space where children can learn whilst playing. They also help to encourage healthy outdoor activities as well as improving children’s social, alphabet and maths skills.

Maths playground markings bestplaygroundmarkings.co.uk are one of the most common and beneficial types of school playground marks, serving as an outdoor classroom for children to enhance their maths skills. Maths playground markings can be used during any type of lesson, with some, such as snakes and ladders playground marking and other number-based games, proving particularly useful in reinforcing classroom learning. Others, like world map playground marking, solar system playground marking and alphabet spiral playground marking, can be used to aid with literacy, numeracy and science lessons.

Another benefit of playground markings is their ability to improve children’s health and wellbeing, reducing obesity and increasing physical activity. Research suggests that children need at least an hour of moderate to vigorous exercise a day, and recess is one of the few times in their lives when they are likely to meet this recommendation. Adding playground markings to your playground, such as netball courts, daily mile tracks and road safety markings, can help to ensure that children get this exercise, even during the school day.

Children often spend their time on the playground socialising with their friends, which is a great way for them to develop their social skills. Using playground markings can allow children to create their own games and challenges with friends, encouraging social interaction outside of lesson time. This type of play can also provide an opportunity for children to develop their creativity, as well as helping them to become independent thinkers.

Finally, playground markings can be used to create a separate space for disabled children, ensuring that they aren’t overlooked or isolated in the school playground. Providing them with a safe, enjoyable and interesting space to play will help to improve their confidence and self-esteem, allowing them to interact with kids of all abilities.

Whether you want to add educational playground markings to your school or simply breathe new life into your playground, Rhino Play has a huge range of options to choose from. From buildings & places, animals, people, letters & number markings and sports, games & board markings, we have a range of thermoplastic playground markings that will last season after season. These markings are easy to install, ready for use the following day and cost-effective, making them a smart choice for schools. For more information about playground markings, or to request a quote for your school, please get in touch.

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